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Intergenerational Parenting and Health

MPRC Associate Terrence Thornberry is studying Intergenerational Health using the Rochester Youth Development Study

Thornberry and colleagues have found direct effects of parenting across generations on consequent behavior. Utilizing longitudinal, 15-year data from 126 young second-generation (G2) fathers in the Rochester Youth Development Survey, Thornberry found a direct association between first-generation (G1) grandparent's negative parenting and second-generation (G2) - father's parenting style. For these particular analyses, third-generation (G3) children were 9 years old on average, and their parents (G2) were in their early to mid-twenties. G1 parenting was based on interviews with G1, and G2 parenting behaviors were assessed based on observations of G2 with G3. This work traces the impact through delinquent, antisocial, and positive behaviors of the G2 generation.