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Title Description Tags State
Another brick on the wall: On the effects of non-contributory pensions on material and subjective well being Working paper by Faculty Associate Sebastian Galiani Faculty impact, Galiani, Research, Social and Economic Inequality, Economics external
Care Coordination for African American and Hispanic Adults with Alzheimer's Disease and Related Dementias National Institute of Aging R01 Health in Social Context, Faculty impact, Aging, Research, Social and Economic Inequality external
Gender, Transport, and Employment in Mumbai Maureen Cropper and colleagues examine mobility patterns and a gender gap Social and Economic Inequality, Faculty impact, Research, Gender, Family, and Social Change external
High Frequency Business Dynamics During COVID-19 John Haltiwanger and colleagues examine labor market issues using new Census data sets Faculty impact, Research, Social and Economic Inequality external
Examining and Addressing COVID-19 Racial Disparities in Detroit Governance Studies at Brookings paper Health in Social Context, Faculty impact, Health disparities, Racism, Ray, Research, Social and Economic Inequality external
Using Big Data to measure discrimination impacts on birth outcomes New National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities grant Health in Social Context, Faculty impact, Research, Social and Economic Inequality external
Desai co-authors brief on health insurance inequities in India Many Indians do not take advantage of their insurance coverage Health in Social Context, Faculty impact, Desai, India, Research external
Business Formation: A Tale of Two Recessions Working paper by John Haltiwanger, with Ermin Dinlersoz, Timothy Dunne, and Veronika Penciakova Labor market, Faculty impact, Haltiwanger, Research, Social and Economic Inequality external
'Accountable Care' hospitals may assist rural Alzheimer's population Journal of the American Geriatrics Society article examines challenges of rural caregiving Research, Faculty impact, Health in Social Context external
Global Trends of Mask Usage in 19 Million Adults Faculty Associate Frauke Kreuter and colleagues are using large scale data gathered on Facebook to get a sense of public understanding about mask-wearing Big data, Research, Health in Social Context, Survey Methodology, Faculty impact external
Improving Educational Equity and Engagement During the COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond Amy Lewin and Kevin Roy work with Montgomery County, Maryland, public schools Social and Economic Inequality, Regional News, Research, Faculty impact external
Engaging Women in the Market for Mobile Money Faculty Associate Jessica Goldberg awarded National Science Foundation three-year grant to examine questions of participation and impact for women Labor market, Faculty impact, Women, Research, Social and Economic Inequality, Gender, Family, and Social Change external
Kinship, Nuptiality and Child Health Outcomes in a Low Income Urban Area Sangeetha Madhavan PI, with Kristen Stoebenau, Kenneth Leonard and Michael Wagner Africa, Social networks, Faculty impact, Madhavan, Research, Gender, Family, and Social Change external
Work mobility during COVID NSF Rapid Response project will examine job restructuring, policy effects Social and Economic Inequality, Health in Social Context, Faculty impact, Research external
Investigating Determinants of Educational Attainment and Achievement in Mexico NSF award funds collaboration between scholars at the University of Maryland and the University of Pennsylvania to study the effects of supply-side and demand-s... Mexico, Faculty impact, Research, Education, Social and Economic Inequality, Longitudinal Study, Parker, Petra Todd, Grant support external
Promoting Economic Recovery After COVID-19 Melissa Kearney and colleagues offer bi-partisan plan for economic recovery Coronavirus, Labor market, Faculty impact, Kearney, Social and Economic Inequality, Economics, Research external
NSF RAPID Study on the 2020 Coronavirus Social Impacts Long Doan along with Faculty Associates Liana Sayer, Sociology, and Jessica Fish, Family Science, will examine the social impacts of the 2020 Coronavirus pandem... Faculty impact, Research, Social and Economic Inequality, Fish, Coronavirus, Health in Social Context, Sayer, COVID-19 external
Using New Policy Parameter to Study Early Childhood Intervention for Low Birth-weight Infants Erich Battistin examines a relatively understudied early-childhood intervention for low birth-weight infants using new policy parameter Childhood, Faculty impact, Research, Children, Battistin, Early Childhood Intervention, Health in Social Context, Child health external
Exploring perceived coercive aspects of transactional sex in Central Uganda Kirsten Stoebenau examines the Central Uganda Adolescent Girls and Young Women (AGYW)'s participation in transactional sex Women, Women's Health, Faculty impact, Research, Uganda, Stoebenau, Gender, Family, and Social Change external
Standard measures of Unemployment make U.S. labor market looks a bit too tight Katharine Abraham and John Haltiwanger examine U.S. labor market tightness by addressing the limitations of the standard measures Labor market, Abraham, Faculty impact, Social and Economic Inequality, Haltiwanger, Research external