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Our Research

The Center now supports the research of over 80 population scientists in 6 schools or colleges and 16 departments from across the University of Maryland campus. In addition, affiliated researchers bring expertise from other organizations and Signature Themes 400px institutions. The development of a School of Public Health on the UMD campus in 2008 led to an exciting cross-fertilization of ideas and approaches and to innovative collaborative research across departments and schools that continues to develop. Our research is focused on four primary research areas that build on and extend the Center's historic strengths: 1) Gender, Family, and Social Change, including family formation, parenting across the life course, and the intersection of gender, work and family; 2) Health in Social Context, including multi-level influences on health, health over the life course, and health disparities; 3) Social and Economic Inequality, including individual and family inequalities and inequality at the level of institutions such as firms, schools, the criminal justice system, and the military; and 4) Migration and Immigrant Processes, including population and environment, population mobility, and neighborhood and community effects on health and development.

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