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Nurturing Dads: Social Initiatives for Contemporary Fatherhood

Faculty Associate Kevin Roy co-authors book on public policy impacts on fatherhood

Nurturing Dads, written by Kevin Roy, Family Science and William Marsiglio, University of Florida, explores ways policy initiatives strengthen father-child connections and foster healthy co-parenting relationships regardless of the marital or residency status of the father. Through interviews with more than 300 fathers of diverse backgrounds, the authors expand our understanding of what makes a good father while also considering the social, cultural, and economic challenges contemporary families face. The book asserts that society should help fathers become more committed and attentive caregivers and that federal and state agencies, work sites, grassroots advocacy groups, and the media all have roles to play. The core idea of the book is that providing care is a human experience, not just the experience of a woman. Drs. Roy and Marsiglio emphasize, "Fathers should provide more than financial support and, in the process, bring about a better start in life for their children."

Dr. Roy's research includes projects funded by NICHD and the W.T. Grant Foundation.

Watch an interview with the authors