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Working Papers, 2015

Following are MPRC working papers from 2015

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File Troff document (with manpage macros)Satellites, Self-reports, and Submersion: Exposure to Floods in Bangladesh
Raymond Guiteras, University of Maryland, et al.; 2015-001
File Troff document (with manpage macros)Cruising Through the Millennium? 2003-13 Changes in American Daily Life
John Robinson, Elena Tracy, University of Maryland; 2015-002
File Troff document (with manpage macros)Is There a Market for Encore or Mature Talent Within the Nonprofit Sector?
Joan Kahn, University of Maryland, et al.; 2015-003
File Troff document (with manpage macros)Household extension and employment among Asian immigrant women in the US
Philip Cohen and Jeehye Kang, University of Maryland; 2015-004
File Troff document (with manpage macros)Race, Family Status and Young Women’s Residential and Financial Dependency: 1970-2010
Joan Kahn and Frances Goldscheider, University of Maryland; Javier Garcia-Manglano, Oxford University // Keywords : Living arrangements, financial dependency, race, marriage, unmarried parenthood, young adulthood; 2015-005
File Troff document (with manpage macros)Division of Labor, Gender Ideology, and Marital Satisfaction in Asia
Liana C. Sayer, University of Maryland, and Yue Qian, Ohio State University; 2015-006
File Troff document (with manpage macros)Declining Help in a Declining Economy: Trends in US Informal Volunteering: 2003-2013
John P. Robinson, University of Maryland; 2015-007
File Troff document (with manpage macros)The Short- and Medium-Term Impacts of Household Water Supply and Sanitation on Diarrhea in Rural India
Raymond Guiteras, University of Maryland; Esther Duflo, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Michael Greenstone, University of Chicago; Thomas Clasen, Emory University; 2015-008
FileIn Pursuing Happiness: Diary vs. General Ratings of US Subjective Well-Being
John P. Robinson and Elena Tracy, University of Maryland; Jonathan Gershuny and Teresa Harms, University of Oxford; 2015-009
FileMarital Status and Mothers’ Time Use: Childcare, Housework, Leisure, and Sleep
Liana C. Sayer and Joanna R. Pepin, University of Maryland; Lynne M. Casper, University of Southern California // Keywords: time use, mother, leisure, marital status; 2015-010
File Troff document (with manpage macros)Measuring Social Well Being (SWB) in Real Time: 1975-2013 Trends in U.S. Diary SWB Ratings
John P. Robinson, University of Maryland; 2015-011
File Troff document (with manpage macros)Working Paper: The Pursuit of Balance in Sequential Randomized Trials
Raymond Guitaras, University of Maryland; Daniel I. Levin, UC Berkeley Haas; Thomas H. Polly, Duke University. 2015-012
File chemical/x-pdbWorking Paper Supplement: Randomized Trials
Raymond Guiteras: seq-rand-web.7z file - click to download; 2015-012-supplement
File Troff document (with manpage macros)Black People Don’t Exercise in my Neighborhood: Relationship between Perceived Racial Composition and Leisure-time Physical Activity among Middle Class Blacks and Whites
Rashawn Ray, University of Maryland; 2015-013
File Troff document (with manpage macros)Maternal Age and Infant Mortality for White, Black, and Mexican Mothers in the United States
Philip N. Cohen, University of Maryland; 2015-014
File Troff document (with manpage macros)Retrospective Reporting of First Employment in the Life Courses of U.S. Women
Michael S. Rendall and Rachel Shattuck, University of Maryland; 2015-015
File Troff document (with manpage macros)Does it Matter if She’d Rather Marry? The Role of Individual Preferences in Young Women’s Likelihood of a Nonmarital First Birth
Rachel Shattuck, University of Maryland; 2015-016
File Troff document (with manpage macros)Eliciting and Utilizing Willingness-to-Pay: Evidence from Field Trials in Northern Ghana
Raymond Guiteras, University of Maryland; James Berry, Cornell University; Greg Fischer, London School of Economics // Keywords: price mechanism, heterogeneous treatment effects, health behavior, Becker-DeGroot-Marschak, field experiments; 2015-017
FileSupplementary Materials: Eliciting and Utilizing Willingness-to-Pay: Evidence from Field Trials in Northern Ghana
Guiteras, et al.; 2015-017s