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Working Papers, 2014

Following are MPRC working papers from 2014.

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File Troff document (with manpage macros)The Gender Revolution and the Second Demographic Transition: Understanding Recent Family Trends in Industrialized Societies
Frances Goldscheider, University of Maryland; 2014-001
File Troff document (with manpage macros)Measuring Children’s Living Arrangements in Rural South Africa: A Comparison of Approaches and Application to Schooling Outcomes
Sangeetha Madhavan and Tyler Myroniuk, University of Maryland; Randall Kuhn, University of Denver; Casey Blalock, University of Colorado Boulder; Mark Collinson, University of Witwatersrand; 2014-002
File Troff document (with manpage macros)Global Migration Flows and Income Differentials
Patricio Korzeniewicz and Scott Albrecht, University of Maryland; 2014-003
File Troff document (with manpage macros)Positively Experiencing Daily Life
John P. Robinson, University of Maryland; 2014-004
File Troff document (with manpage macros)Population, Poverty, and Climate Change
Monica Das Gupta, University of Maryland; 2014-005
File Troff document (with manpage macros)The Organization of Preventive Health Services in Sri Lanka: Lessons for developing countries
Monica Das Gupta, University of Maryland / World Bank; KCS Dalpatadu, Institute for Health Policy, Colombo; CK Shanmugarajah, Ministry of Health, Government of Sri Lanka; HMSSD Herath, Sri Lanka Medical Council; 2014-006
File Troff document (with manpage macros)When and Where Does Achievement Inequality Grow? Ecology, the City and Social Disorganization
Odis Johnson Jr., University of Maryland; 2014-007
File Troff document (with manpage macros)Children’s Schooling in Latin America and the Caribbean: The Role of Mothers, Fathers, and Others in the Household
Laurie DeRose, University of Maryland, et al.; 2014-008
FileFamily Instability and Early Childhood Health in the Developing World
Laurie DeRose, University of Maryland, et al.; 2014-009
FileHousehold Structure and School Attendance in 57 Countries: Why Children with Absent Fathers Do Better in Some Places
Laurie DeRose, University of Maryland; 2014-010
File Troff document (with manpage macros)Multiple imputation for demographic hazard models with left-censored predictor variables
Michael S. Rendall, University of Maryland; Angela Greulich, Université Paris 1; 2014-011
File Troff document (with manpage macros)Union Instability and Children’s Behavioral Problems: A Mediation and Moderation Approach
Natasha Cabrera and Elizabeth Karberg, University of Maryland; 2014-012
File Troff document (with manpage macros)Assessing the Predictive Value of Fertility Expectations through a Cognitive-Social Model
Christine A. Bachrach, University of Maryland; Heather M. Rackin, Louisiana State University; 2014-013
File Troff document (with manpage macros)Disgust, Shame and Soapy Water: Tests of Novel Interventions to Promote Safe Water and Hygiene
Raymond Guiteras, University of Maryland, et al.; 2014-014
File Octet StreamOnline Appendix: Disgust, Shame and Soapy Water: Tests of Novel Interventions to Promote Safe Water and Hygiene
Guiteras, et al.; 2014-014-appendix
File Troff document (with manpage macros)Equalizers or Enablers of Inequality? A Counterfactual Analysis of Racial and Residential Tet-Score Gaps in Year-Round and Nine-Month Schools
Odis Johnson Jr and Michael Wagner, University of Maryland; 2014-015