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Conference Program

Updated 13 June 2018

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NOTE : Co-authors on accepted papers do not require a separate invitation to attend.

When received and when permission is granted from the author, papers and presentations will be linked from this page.

Tuesday, June 19

Wednesday, June 20


Conference participants viewing poster

Ayesha Ali (University of Tennesse) - Time Use in Commuting and Physical Activity: Variation across BMI Categories

Heidi Artigue (Pomona College) - Relative Wages as a Determinant of Nonmarket Labor Time for Heterosexual Couples in the United States

Analia Calero (University of Buenos Aires) - Time use inequality and time poverty in Argentina

Nina Castro - Time Use Spent on Work in Couples with Children in Mexico City, 2015

Pallavi Choudhuri (NCAER India) - Intergenerational Time Transmission: Is Study Time Affected by Mother’s Activity?

Cassandra Duchan (Price & Wages) - The Hidden Childcare Gap: Earnings and Time Investments in Children

Sarah Flood (University of Minnesota) - Unpacking Parents’ Leisure Quality

Jeehoon Han (University of Notre Dame) - Inequality in the Joint Distribution of Consumption and Time Use

Alex Hoagland (Boston University) - In good company: Adolescent well-being and shared time with family, friends, mentors and neighbors

John Bodian Klopfer (Princeton University) - Labor supply, learning time, and the efficiency of school spending: evidence from school finance reforms

Liana Christin Landivar (U.S. Dept. of Labor) - Questionnaire Improvements to the 2017-2018 American Time Use Survey Leave and Job Flexibilities Module

Jae In Lee (University of Maryland) - Class, Parenting, Structured time and children’s mental health outcome

Rahsaan Mahadeo (University of Minnesota) - Racism doesn’t count ! : The centrality of racialization and racism in youth time-use research

Jess M Meyer (Northwestern University) - Do Educational Differences in Sleeplessness, Bedtime, and Wake Time Vary by Age?

Reuben Mutegi (University of Nairobi) - Gender and Unpaid Work: African Profiles in Selected Countries

Florian Schulz (University of Bamberg - Germany) - The development of children’s housework performance. Evidence from German time use data, 1991–2013

Carrie L. Shandra (State University of New York Stony Brook) - Disability and Patterns of Leisure Participation across the Life Course