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Conference Program

Updated 27 June 2016

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NOTE : Co-authors on accepted papers do not require a separate invitation to attend.

When received and when permission is granted from the author, papers and presentations will be linked from this page.

Monday, June 27

Tuesday, June 28


Conference participants viewing posterMaria Gabriella Campolo (University of Messina) - "How Men's Retirement Affects the The Division of Household Labor in Italy"

Juan Du (Old Dominion University); Takeshi Yagihashi - "Time Allocation in Health-Related Activities"

Yusuf Ibraheem (University of Reading); Jacopo Torritti; Li Shao - "Domestic time use practices of over 65s in the UK: using multiple approaches"

Gustavo Leyva Jimenez (University of Minnesota) - "Job Search Intensity over the Business Cycle"

Charlene Kalenkoski (Texas Tech University) - "Caregiving by Older Adults: Gender Differences in Well-being"

Kenzie Latham (Indiana University Purdue); Philippa Clark; Gregory Pavela - "Socioeconomic Disparities in Participation and Time Use among Older American Men and Women with Disability"

Rahsaan Mahadeo (University of Minnesota) - "Transgressive Temporalities: How youth of color make sense of time in urban space"

Jane Miller (Institute for Health, Health Care Policy, and Aging Research); Colleen N. Nugent; Louise B. Russell - "How Much Time Do Families Spend on the Health Care of Children with Diabetes?"

Daniela Negraia (University of South Carolina); Jennifer March Augustine; Kate Prickett - "What other activities do parents and children spend time in beyond primary care? An analysis of ATUS data focused on Parental Gender and Children’s Age"

Pablo Olmos (Yale University) - "The Leisure Gap in Developing Countries"

Carrie L. Shandra (State University of New York Stony Brook); Anna Penner -"Benefactors and Beneficiaries?  Disability and Care to Others in the United States"

Carrie L. Shandra (State University of New York Stony Brook) - "Health, Social Disparities, and the Disability Gap in Time Use"

Jocelyn Wikle (Brigham Young University) - "Cinderella and Cinderelliott: Gender Differences in Adolescent and Young Adult Housework "

Gary Zhao (Stanford University) - "Why Do We Work Long Hours? Consumption and Social Comparison"