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Klaus Hubacek Publications

This folder holds the following references to publications, sorted by year and author.

There are 86 references in this bibliography folder.

Prell, C, Huback, K, and Reed, M (2009).
Stakeholder analysis and social network analysis in natural resource management.
Society and Natural Resources. , 22(6):501-518.

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Using scenarios to explore UK upland futures.
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The Future of the Uplands.
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Relationship between Economic Growth and Water Pollution in India
In: Environment and Development, ed. by Gunjan Malhotra, Macmillan Indian, New Delhi.

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Food and the Environment: (Neo-) Malthusianism Arguments and Population Growth
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Land Use Governance
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Who’s in the network? When stakeholders influence data analysis.
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The Challenge of Land Use Change: International Dimensions
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Complexity and the DPSIR Framework as a Basis for a Sustainable Water Management
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Hubacek, K, Inaba, A, and Stagl, S (2004).
Proceedings for the International Workshop on Driving Forces to and Barriers to Sustainable Consumption
University of Leeds, Leeds, UK.

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