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Klaus Hubacek Publications

This folder holds the following references to publications, sorted by year and author.

There are 86 references in this bibliography folder.

Feng, K and Hubacek, K (forthcoming).
The supply chain of CO2 emissions in China: a multi-regional input-output analysis
In: Enough for All Forever: A Handbook for Learning about Sustainability, ed. by Murray, J., Cawthorne, G., Dey, C., Andrew, C, Common Ground publishing on Sustainability.

Feng, K, Li, X, Siu, Y, and Hubacek, K (forthcoming).
China’s Energy-water nexus: An integrated hybrid LCA of electricity generation technologies
Nature Climate Change.

Feng, K, Yu, Y, and Hubacek, K (forthcoming).
Consumption-based inventory of global land use
In: A Handbook for Learning about Sustainability, ed. by Murray, J., Cawthorne, G., Dey, C., Andrew, C., Common Ground publishing on Sustainability.

Guan and Hubacek (forthcoming).
The Credibility of China’s Energy Statistics in Post-2012
Nature Climate Change.

Hubacek, K, Li, X, Feng, K, and Siu, Y (forthcoming).
Challenges faced when energy meets water: CO2 and water implications of power generation in the northern regions of China
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews.

Kronenberg, J and Hubacek, K (forthcoming).
Ecosystem service curse
Ecology & Society.

Minx, J, Baiocchi, G, Hubacek, K, and Barrett, J (forthcoming).
Seeing the Forest for the Trees? Using qualitative methods to compare production systems in monetary and physical measurement units
Ecological Economics.

Reed, M, Hubacek, K, and et al (forthcoming).
Anticipating and managing future trade-offs and complementarities between ecosystem services
Ecology and Society.

Sakai, M and Hubacek, K (forthcoming).
The Consumption-Based Carbon Kuznets Curve: Demystifying the "Inverted-U"
Environment and Resource Economics.

Termansen, M, Chapman, D, Quinn, C, Fraser, E, Jin, N, Beharry, N, and Hubacek, K (forthcoming).
Integration of choice models with environmental process-based models for land use change modelling
Ecological Economics.

Feng, K, Hubacek, K, Li, X, Sun, L, Liu, z, and Guan, D (Under review).
Regional inequality and CO2 emissions in China
Proceeding of the National Academy of Sciences.

Hubacek, K, Yu, Y, and Feng, K (Under review).
Tele-connecting local consumption to global land use
Global Environmental Change.

Prell, C, Feng, K, and Geores, M (Under review).
Air pollution and world systems: the environmental and economic impacts of iconic U.S
Social Forces.

Beharry-Borg, N, Smart, J, Termansen, M, and Hubacek, K (In press).
Evaluating farmers’ likely participation in a payment program for water quality protection in the UK uplands
Regional Environmental Change.

Drake, B, Smart, J, Termansen, M, and Hubacek, K (In press).
Public Preferences for Production of Local and Global Ecosystem Services
Regional Environmental Change.

Fleskens, F, Nainggolan, D, Termansen, M, Hubacek, K, and Reed, M (In press).
Regional consequences of the way land users respond to future water availability in Murcia, Spain
Regional Environmental Change, DOI: 10.1007/s10113-012-0283-8.

Hubacek, K and et al (In press).
Participatory scenario development for environmental management: a methodological framework
Journal of Environmental Management.

Nainggolan, D, Termansen, M, Reed, M, Cebollero, E, and Hubacek, K (In press).
Farmer typology, future scenarios and the implications for ecosystem service provision: a case study from south-eastern Spain
Regional Environmental Change.

Hubacek, K, Guan, D, and Barua, A (In Press).
90 Years Lifestyle Changes and CO2 Emission in China and India
In: Indicators and Scenarios for Sustainable Development, ed. by H. Spangenberg and N. Gosh, Oxford University Press, Delhi.

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Physical and virtual water transfers for regional water stress alleviation in China
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 112(4):1031-1035.

Hubacek, K and et al (2013).
Combining analytical frameworks to assess livelihood vulnerability to climate change and analyse adaptation options
Ecological Economics, 94:66-77.

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Environmental Impact Assessment and Ecosystems Services: the case of energy crops the UK
Journal for Environmental Planning and Management, 55(3):369-385.

Feng, K, Siu, Y, Guan, D, and Hubacek, K (2012).
Analysing drivers of regional CO2 emissions for China: A structural decomposition analysis
Industrial Ecology, 16(4):600–611.

Fu, X, Meng, B, and Hubacek, K (2012).
Turnpike Optimality in Environment-Input-Output System: Analysis on the Adjustment Potential of China’s Industry Structure for Carbon Emission Reduction
20th International Input-Output Association Conference in Bratislava.

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