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Julie Fife Donney, Stephanie J Mitchell, and Amy Lewin (2020)

Medicaid Instability and Mental Health of Teen Parent Families

Family and Community Health, 43(1):10-16.

This study examines the effect of inconsistent Medicaid coverage on parenting stress, maternal depression, and child behavior in a sample of teen mothers and their children. The majority (54%) of mothers experienced inconsistent coverage. After 24 months, mothers experiencing inconsistent coverage had significantly higher parenting stress and depressive symptoms, and their children had more internalizing behaviors than families with consistent Medicaid. These differences existed despite no initial differences and controlling for numerous covariates. Policies and practices that stabilize Medicaid coverage for teen parent families may reduce unnecessary stress, depressive symptoms, and early childhood behavior problems.

Mental Health, Health, Health in Social Context, Lewin, Medicaid
PMID: 31764302

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