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DATE:     February 1, 2009               

TO:        MPRC Faculty Associates and Department Chairs

FROM:    Sandra Hofferth, Director, Maryland Population Research Center

SUBJECT:    MPRC Policy on DRIF / Credit Allocation for the Administrative Oversight of Research Projects

One of the primary goals of the Maryland Population Research Center (MPRC) is to promote investigator-initiated research in population science. With our mentored grant-writing workshops, experienced researchers assist junior faculty and first-time proposal writers in developing a research plan. The Center’s administrative staff is trained to handle the requisite paper work, budget preparation, and shepherding of the proposal through the various administrative levels so that researchers can devote the bulk of their  time to writing the science.

When a grant is successful and the project is administered by the Center, investigators can be assured that all project-related business is completed in a timely manner. Post-award management may include payroll set-up for university personnel, preparation of purchase orders, collaborative arrangements with other universities, monthly reconciliation and reporting of project expenses, submission of IRB applications and renewals, and timely submission of annual reports to the sponsor. MPRC post-award management relieves the investigator of the administrative burden so that work can be devoted to the science.

Two recent administrative changes will affect the way that MPRC provides project support for its faculty in the future. First, beginning with the renewal of our NIH-funded infrastructure support in July 2007, MPRC no longer receives the DRIF recovery that was negotiated for the 1st NIH-funded cycle. Secondly, the university recently implemented a system so that multiple faculty/departments/colleges can receive a portion of the project Credit and DRIF. With the reduction in university support, coupled with the ability to allocate a small portion of project Credit and DRIF to MPRC, we are implementing a new policy for research projects that are prepared by or administer through the Center.

Principal Investigators, Department Chairs, and Deans will be asked to sign-off on any future routing forms that will reflect this new Credit / DRIF allocation.