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Frequently Asked Questions about Grants

If you have a question, it's likely you aren't the first - here's our accumulated wisdom
Preparing to Apply for Funding
Important information on applying for grants, funding deadlines, and choosing a Principal Investigator (PI)
Preparing a Grant Proposal
Important information you need to know about the grant application process
Submitting a Grant Proposal through MPRC
The advantages and policies associated with submitting a grand proposal through MPRC
Policies That May Impact Your Research
There are many policies that may impact research at the University of Maryland
Routing a Grant Proposal
Proposals must be endorsed by campus officials through the Office of Research Administration and Advancement (ORAA)
MPRC Adminstrative Oversight for Research Grants
MPRC now has a policy for sharing Credit and DRIF on research projects when MPRC prepares the proposal and/or administers the grant when awarded.