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Frequently Asked Questions about Grants

If you have a question, it's likely you aren't the first - here's our accumulated wisdom
Preparing to Apply for Funding
Important information on applying for grants, funding deadlines, and choosing a Principal Investigator (PI)
Preparing a Grant Proposal
Important information you need to know about the grant application process
Submitting a Grant Proposal through MPRC
The advantages and policies associated with submitting a grand proposal through MPRC
Completing the Proposal Forms
MPRC can prepare all the required forms for submitting your proposal, although some questions, however, must be answered by the PI
Policies That May Impact Your Research
There are many policies that may impact research at the University of Maryland
Routing a Grant Proposal
Proposals must be endorsed by campus officials through the Office of Research Administration and Advancement (ORAA)
MPRC Adminstrative Oversight for Research Grants
MPRC now has a policy for sharing Credit and DRIF on research projects when MPRC prepares the proposal and/or administers the grant when awarded.