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Submitting a Grant Proposal through MPRC

The advantages and policies associated with submitting a grand proposal through MPRC
What are the advantages to submitting my grant proposal through MPRC ?
MPRC staff know population research . . .
If MPRC assists in preparing and submitting my proposal, does that mean that my project, if awarded, will be administered by MPRC?
It depends . . .
What are the advantages of having my funded research project administered by MPRC?
You focus on the research, we deal with the administrative hoopla...
If MPRC administers my research project, will my department no longer receive research credit or departmental DRIF?
50% - 90% project credit assigned to PI's home department.
How much of a lead time is needed if I plan to submit my proposal through MPRC?
Submission need to be routed through the Office of Research Administration and Advancement (ORAA) which requires time. Well enforced deadlines also aid the researcher...
MPRC's Proposal Timetable