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Rendall comments on Baltimore population erosion

Current Census estimates place its population at a 100-year low

U.S. Census estimates place Baltimore's population at 593,490 as of July 2019, according to a story in the Baltimore Sun by Alison Knezevich. That suggests Baltimore lost 8,953 people, or 1.5% of its population, from the previous year - the largest single-year drop since 2001, she writes. Although the city's population had been trending down for some time, the civil unrest in 2015 after the death of Freddy Gray marked a shift: after those protests Baltimore saw "annual declines in population," she wrote.

MPRC Director Michael Rendall noted that "net outmigration has continued to be double its pre-2015 annual rate (over the 2010-15 period). The high 2018-19 net outmigration from Baltimore City may reasonably be traced to that 2015 turning point."

Dr. Rendall told Knezevich that the city's population loss "is not a phenomenon reflective of the overall metropolitan area," pointing out that none of the counties surrounding the city saw substantial declines.

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