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Sandra Hofferth Publications

This folder holds the following references to publications, sorted by year and author.

There are 105 references in this bibliography folder.

Hofferth, S (2005).
Secondary Data Analysis in Family Research
Journal of Marriage and the Family, 67(4):891-907.

Hofferth, S (2005).
Book Review of Stepdads: Stories of Love, Hope and Repair by William Marsiglio
Miscellaneous publication.

Hofferth, S and Curtain, S (2005).
Poverty, Food Programs and Childhood Obesity
Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, 24:703-726.

Hofferth, S and Curtain, S (2005).
Leisure Time Activities in Middle Childhood
In: What Do Children Need to Flourish? Conceptualizing and Measuring Indicators of Positive Development, ed. by L Lippman and K Moore, Springer.

Hofferth, S, Stanhope, S, and Harris, KM (2005).
Remaining Off Welfare in the 1990s: The Influence of Public Policy and Economic Conditions
Social Science Research:426-453.

Sandburg, JF and Hofferth, S (2005).
Changes in Children's Time with Parents: A Correction
Demography, 42:391-395.

Duncan, GJ, Hofferth, SL, and Stafford, FP (2004).
Evolution and Change in Family Income, Wealth, and Health: The Panel Study of Income Dynamics, 1968-2000 and Beyond
In: A Telescope on Society: Survey Research and Social Science at the University of Michigan and Beyond, pp. 156-193, The University of Michigan Press, Ann Arbor.

Hofferth, S (2004).
Persistence and Change in the Food Security of Families with Children, 1997-1999
Economic Research Institute, USDA, Monograph(EFAN04001).

Brandon, P and Hofferth, S (2003).
Determinants of Out-of-School Child Care Arrangements Among Children in Single-Mother and Two-Parent Families
Social Science Research, 32(1):129-147.

Dunn, JS, Kinney, DA, and Hofferth, SL (2003).
Parental Ideologies and Children`s After-School Activities
American Behavioral Scientist, 46(10):1359-1386.

Hofferth, S (2003).
What happens during the school day?: Time diaries from a national sample of elementary school teachers
Teachers College Record, 105(3):317-343.

Hofferth, S (2003).
Race/Ethnic Differences in Father Involvement in Two-Parent Families: Culture, Context, or Economy
Journal of Family Issues, 24(2):185-216.

Hofferth, S (2003).
The American Family: Changes and Challenges for the 21st Century
In: Health and Welfare for Families in the 21st Century, pp. 71-79, Jones and Bartlett, Sudbury, MA.

Hofferth, S and Anderson, KG (2003).
Are All Dads Equal? Biology Versus Marriage as a Basis for Paternal Investment in Children
Journal of Marriage and Family, 65(1):213-232.

Hofferth, S (2002).
Did Welfare Reform Work? Implications for 2002 and Beyond
Contexts: Understanding People in their Social Worlds, 1(1):45-51.

Hofferth, S and Curtin, SC (2002).
The Impact of Parental Leave Statutes on Maternal Return to Work after Childbirth in the United States

Hofferth, S and Reid, L (2002).
Early Childbearing and Children's Achievement and Behavior over Time
Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health, 34(1):41-49.

Hofferth, S, Pleck, J, Stueve, JL, Binachi, S, and Sayer, L (2002).
The Demography of Fathers: What Fathers Do
In: Handbook of Father Involvement, ed. by C Tamis-LeMonde and N Cabrera, pp. 63-90, Lawrence Earlbaum Associates, Mahwah, NJ.

Hofferth, S, Stanhope, S, and Harris, KM (2002).
Exiting Welfare in the 1990s: Did Public Policy Influence Recipients` Behavior?
Population Research and Policy Review, 21(5):433-472.

Hofferth, S (2001).
Women`s Employment and Care of Children in the United States
In: Women's Employment in Comparative Perspective, ed. by L van Dijk, T van der Lippe, and A de Gruyter, pp. 151-174, Aldine de Gruyter.

Hofferth, S and Jankuniene, Z (2001).
Life After School
Educational Leadership, 58(7):19-23.

Hofferth, S and Owens, T (2001).
Children at the Millennium: Where Have We Come From, Where Are We Going?
Elsevier Science, New York, NY, vol. 6. Advances in Life Course Research.

Hofferth, S and Sandburg, JF (2001).
How American Children Spend Their Time
Journal of Marriage and the Family, 63(2):295-308.

Hofferth, S and Sandburg, JF (2001).
Changes in American Children`s Use of Time, 1981-1997
In: Children at the Millennium: Where Have We Come From, Where Are We Going?, ed. by T Owens and S Hofferth, pp. 193-229, Elsevier Science, New York, NY. Advances in Life Course Research.

Hofferth, S, Phillips, D, and Cabrera, N (2001).
Public Policy and Family and Child Well-Being
In: The Well-Being of Children and Families: Research and Data Needs, ed. by A Thornton, pp. 384-415, The University of Michigan Press, Ann Arbor, MI.

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