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Sandra Hofferth Publications

This folder holds the following references to publications, sorted by year and author.

There are 105 references in this bibliography folder.

Hofferth, S, Reid, L, and Mott, F (2001).
The Effects of Early Childbearing on Schooling over Time
Family Planning Perspectives, 33(6):259-267.

Hofferth, SL (2001).
Review of "Changing Times: Work and Leisure in Postindustrial Society" by J Gershuny
Miscellaneous publication.

Jean Yeung, W, Sandberg, JF, Davis-Kean, P, and Hofferth, S (2001).
Children`s Time with Fathers in Intact Families
Journal of Marriage and the Family, 63(1):136-154.

Keller, MC, Nesse, RM, and Hofferth, S (2001).
The Trivers-Willard Hypothesis of Parental Investment: No Effect in the Contemporary United States
Evolution and Human Behavior, 22(5):343-360.

Sandberg, JF and Hofferth, S (2001).
Changes in Children`s Time with Parents, U S and 1981-1997
Demography, 38:423-436.

Wright, JC, Huston, AC, Vandewater, EA, Hofferth, S, and al, e (2001).
American Children`s Use of Electronic Media in 1997: A National Survey
Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology, 22(1):31-47.

Hofferth, S and Collins, N (2000).
Child Care and Employment Turnover
Population Research and Policy Review, 19(4):357-395.

Hofferth, S, Smith, J, McLoyd, V, and Finkelstein, J (2000).
Achievement and Behavior Among Children of Welfare Recipients, Welfare Leavers, and Low-Income Single Mothers
Journal of Social Issues, 56(4):747-774.

Wilde, PE, Hofferth, S, Stanhope, S, Noonan, M, and Collins, N (2000).
Pre-1997 Trends in Welfare and Food Assistance in a National Sample of Families
American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 82:642-648.

Hofferth, S (1999).
Child Care, Maternal Employment, and Public Policy
The Silent Crisis in U S Child Care, 563(1):20-38.

Hofferth, S (1999).
Public Assistance Receipt of Mexican- and Cuban-American Children in Native and Immigrant Families
In: Children of Immigrants: Health, Adjustment, and Public Assistance, ed. by D Hernandez, pp. 546-583, National Academy Press, Washington, D C.

Hofferth, S, Boisjoly, J, and Duncan, G (1999).
The Development of Social Capital
Rationality and Society, 11(1):79-110.

Hofferth, SL (1999).
Changes in American Children`s Use of Time, 1981-1997
Miscellaneous publication.

Hofferth, S (1998).
Healthy Environments, Healthy Children: Children in Families
, Ann Arbor, MI.

Hofferth, S (1998).
The American Family: Changes and Challenges for the 21st Century
In: Health and Welfare for Families in the 21st Century, ed. by H Wallace, G Green, K Jaros, M Story, and L Paine, pp. 12-Mar, Jones and Bartlett, Sudbury, MA.

Hofferth, S and Chaplin, D (1998).
State Regulations and Child Care Choice
Population Research and Policy Review, 17(2):111-140.

Hofferth, S and Iceland, J (1998).
Social Capital in Rural and Urban Communities
Rural Sociology, 63(4):574-598.

Hofferth, S, Akin, K, Henke, R, and West, J (1998).
Characteristics of Children`s Early Care and Education Programs: Data from the 1995 National Household Education Survey
, Washington, D C.

Hofferth, S, Boisjoly, J, and Duncan, G (1998).
Parental Extrafamilial Resources and Children`s School Attainment
Sociology of Education, 71:246-268.

Yeung, WJ and Hofferth, S (1998).
Family Adaptations to Income and Job Loss in the U S
Journal of Family and Economic Issues, 19(3):255-283.

Hofferth, SL (1997).
Review of "The Cultural Contradictions of Motherhood" by S Hays
Miscellaneous publication.

Chaplin, DD, Hofferth, S, and Wissoker, DA (1996).
Price and Quality in Child Care Choice: A Revision
Journal of Human Resources, 31(3):703-706.

Hofferth, S (1996).
Effects of Public and Private Policies on Working After Childbirth
Work and Occupations, 23(4):378-404.

Hofferth, S (1996).
Dramatic Changes in the U S Safety Net for Low Income Families
Options Politiques, 18(1):24-27.

Hofferth, S (1996).
Child Care in the United States Today
The Future of Children, 6(2):41-46.

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