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Sandra Hofferth Publications

This folder holds the following references to publications, sorted by year and author.

There are 105 references in this bibliography folder.

Hofferth, SL and Pinzon, AM (2011).
Do nonresident fathers' financial support and contact improve children's health?
Journal of Family and Economic issues, 32(3):280-295.

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Home Media and Children's Achievement and Behavior
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Does Change in Young Men's Employment Influence Fathering?
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Family Structure and the Transition to Early Parenthood
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Consequences of Fatherhood for Young Men's Relationships with Partners and Parents
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Changes in American children’s time, 1997-2003
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Changes in American Children's Time, 1997-2003
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The "Hurried" Child: Myth vs. Reality
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American Children's Outdoor and Indoor Leisure Time
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Linking social class to concerted cultivation, natural growth and school readiness
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Validation of a Diary Measure of Children’s Physical Activities
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Children Working in the Streets of Colombian Cities: Different Pathways to the Street Lead to Different Populations
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Mother Involvement as an Influence on Father Involvement with Early Adolescents
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Men's Involvement in the Family
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Kristin A Moore
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State-Level Welfare Policies and Nonmarital Subsequent Childbearing
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