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Visiting Scholars

The Center welcomes visiting scholars who work with Faculty Associates on research programs that last up to one year

Visitors come from American universities or research institutions or, often, from overseas universities. Recent visitors have come from China, Sweden, and Norway, as well as American University and the Pew Research Center.

How it works

All applications to become a visiting scholar at MPRC require a proposal that includes the following:

  • Title of project
  • Visiting scholar's CV
  • Name of MPRC Faculty Scholar sponsoring the project
  • Duration of the visit with  with estimated start and end dates indicated
  • Proposed plan of work for the visit that falls within the NICHD Population Dynamics Branch mission
  • Identify  products expected to be delivered as a result of the visit. These may include one or more papers, a funded research proposal, or a submission to PAA for a presentation at the Annual Meeting
  • Specify any specialized computing needs that will be required. 

Proposals can be initiated by the MPRC faculty or the external researcher. All proposals will be evaluated by the MPRC leadership and decisions made as quickly as possible

Visiting scholars are provided office space and basic computer support during their tenure and are invited to participate in all Center activities.

Visiting scholars receive a non-paid appointment at the University of Maryland which permits access to world-class library facilities and other UMD services as well as access to the MPRC space in Morrill Hall.

Submit a proposal

We welcome proposals from MPRC Faculty Associates or external scholars alike. Use our simple form to tell us about your plans.

Use the Visiting Scholar Proposal Form