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Faculty Associates and Affiliates

In keeping with our mandate to support population research, MPRC provides resources to faculty dedicated to the field. In addition to infrastructure support, the Center sponsors seed grants to help develop new projects and provides grant submission support and administration. Mentorship of developing faculty and students is a Center priority.

Become a Faculty Associate

Only University of Maryland faculty whose research interests fall within MPRC’s research objectives are eligible. Individuals are appointed as MPRC Faculty Associates based on the following criteria:

  1. Evidence of a scholarly research program or the potential to build such a research program in population-related issues; and
  2. Consistent past, current and/or anticipated success in obtaining population-related grant and contract research..

Faculty Associates are appointed for a five-year, renewable term. Associate status continues as long as the member holds a faculty appointment at the University of Maryland and is research- and grant-active in population-related topics. Faculty Associates will have access to all core services provided by the Center.

Become a Faculty Affiliate

Faculty Affiliates often hold faculty appointments at other academic institutions or may reside at research or governmental institutions. They also may be non-tenure-track or post-doctoral fellows at the University of Maryland. Affiliates must demonstrate involvement in a collaborative relationship with an MPRC Faculty Associate and must hold the highest graduate degree in their academic specialty.

Faculty Affiliate appointments are made by the MPRC Director for the length of a grant or for a maximum of three years; the term is renewable. As is the case with Faculty Associates, Faculty Affiliates must demonstrate expertise in population-related research or an interest in developing a line of research with a substantial population component.

Access to core services by Faculty Affiliates is based on demonstrated need for developing or engaging in collaborative research with an MPRC Faculty Associate.

Application Form

You can apply on line. Just fill out our handy application form.