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R Resources

R is a flexible programming environment based on the simple programming language S. R is open source and supported by a strong user community.

Fall 2020 R Workshops


For the 2020-2021 academic year, R workshops will be held virtually.   MPRC affiliates interested in learning R are invited to register for the R for Population Research Course, a self paced, no-credit class available on Canvas.  To register, please fill out the registration form.

Previous R Workshop Materials


R scripts and sample data from past MPRC workshops can be found at the MPRC github repository

Researchers working with R for the first time may be particularly interested in the Intro to R workshop materials and Quick tips document. Materials covering advanced topics in R such as data visualization and data creation will also periodically be posted.


External Resources for Learning R



Useful R Packages


R is very powerful as-is. However R's functionality can be greatly enhanced via the use of packages. See the list of useful R packages for helpful packages to add onto R. When using these packages, standard disclaimers apply. Not all packages may be compatible with each other and modification and maintenance of packages may be done by fellow R users.