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Resources for working with the RDC

Tips and insights from experienced researchers and online

Following are some resources that will be useful to you as you look into using Federal Statistical Research Data Center facilities to enhance your population research.

Maryland RDC executive director, Liu Yang

Visit the Maryland RDC website

Faculty Affiliate , U.S. Census Bureau, may be helpful with getting acquainted with the Federal Statistical Research Data Center at Maryland.


MPRC Faculty Associates Andrew Fenelon and Michel Boudreaux gave a workshop in Fall 2018 outlining the benefits and requirements of using the Maryland Federal Statistics Research Data Center. Slides from that workshop are available by using the link below.

See the RDC Overview slide deck [PDF]

Resource Links

Follow these links to detailed information on the Census and NCHS RDC resources

RDC Overview at U.S. Census

List of demographic databases for qualified researchers

How to apply to do an RDC project

Proposal Preparation outline from the National Center for Health Statistics 

Steps in the RDC Prosposal Process

There are five steps for the first proposal - Step Two only needs to be done once

  1. Proposal Application
  2. Certification (Special Sworn Status)
  3. Data Merging and Upload (NCHS only)
  4. Analysis
  5. Disclosure