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Philip Cohen comments on political love gap

The number of people who are looking for a partner but believe it’s not possible to date a person of the opposite political affiliation has risen.

In a recent article Belinda Luscombe at Time covered political views and dating during current political divisions in America, using data from a dating service. "The Match figures make the trend lines a little clearer. A full three-quarters of the study’s 5,000 respondents, who were not all Match members but were all single, said that it was important for their partners to share their political beliefs," she wrote. 

Faculty Associate Philip Cohen, quoted in the story, pointed out that today's highly partisan atmosphere only exacerbates an existing trend in which people are seeking emotional as well as sexual and financial fulfillment in their partnerships.

“In the current period, when people are embedded in social and informational bubbles with like-minded friends and relatives,” he says, “the idea of partnering with someone from a different bubble is understandably daunting. At a minimum it’s awkward and complicated,” he added.

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