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Rashawn Ray interviewed on Ahmaud Arbery's shooting case at NPR

As the country mourns Ahmaud Arbery's death, NPR's Ari Shapiro speaks with University of Maryland sociology professor Rashawn Ray about why men of color disarm themselves as a defense mechanism.

Ari Shapiro, one of the hosts of All Things Considered at NPR, recently hosted an interview with Faculty Associate Rashawn Ray on the shooting case of a black man named Ahmaud Arbery, shot to death by a white man while jogging in his own community in Brunswick, GA, as he was mistaken for a burglar.

Ray mourns on Arbery's death, addressing that from his study of 500 black men, particularly those who lived in predominately white neighborhoods and who worked in frequent predominately white spaces, felt threatened on a regular basis despite their decent socioeconomic status. As a result, black males usually try to signal that they're not threatening at a white-dominated neighborhood, e,g, by wearing alumni t-shirt, bringing ID when exercising.

The detrimental health effects of these signaling activities, according to Ray, is that "these incidents have they ravage through black communities that create collective memories of mistrust of law enforcement and society more broadly."

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