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Rashawn Ray comments on Phoenix police statistics

City police discharged weapons in 2018 more often than any other American city

In a detailed Arizona Republic report, Bree Burkitt and Uriel J. Garcia examine the Phoenix's efforts to come to terms with police violent response. "The Republic spent 19 months detailing each of Phoenix police’s 201 police shootings over the past eight years," they write. "Nearly all the people involved in a police shooting in Phoenix were armed with a weapon; some likely had a history of mental illness or were experiencing some type of crisis. Black and Native American people were disproportionately shot when compared with their population numbers in the city."

Faculty Associate Rashawn Ray commented, "People who live in Phoenix are going to start to boil over as they start to gather more information about the fact that there are these huge disparities between what's happening in Phoenix and what's happening in other places, particularly when no one seems to necessarily have a reason for why we see these increases."

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