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CIC 2022 Annual Meeting

Training in the use of tools and other developments
CIC 2022 Annual Meeting

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Census held its annual conference for State Data Centers and Census Information Centers on June 14-15-16, 2022.

Director Robert Santos opened the conference by emphasizing the Bureau's commitment to equity, not only equity as far as data goes but also equity of Bureau staff. He noted that the Bureau will do everything possible to bolster scientific integrity. His personal interest lies in making Census data and services relevant to local communities.

Update on the Economic Census - The economic census will take place in 2023, measuring various factors for the year 2022. This is an all-electronic process. The SDCs and CICs will be asked to help with outreach to insure a strong response for the planned survey.

Rural and Urban areas - A technical session examined the ways in which urban and rural areas are delineated in the various tables and maps.

American Community Survey - Census personnel reviewed the American Community Survey in light of challenges from COVID. Because of difficulties obtaining data during 2020 the ACS numbers for that year have a significant selection bias. The tables have been weighted to adjust for the bias, and those weights need to be considered when using the data in combination with other years. If you are using ACS data for 2020 be sure to read the documentation carefully.

A presentation on Race and Ethnicity and the 2020 Census outlined changes in the racial and ethnic profiles in the U.S., including changes in mixed partnership ratios.

Training on use of - another excellent training session demonstrated ways of locating the proper geography and topic for some less-obvious queries. The Census website hosts numerous training videos for anyone wishing to get familiar with

CIC Annual Business Meeting - CIC representatives learned about activities during the previous year and future plans. Local communities are what the CIC program is about, and the coming year will focus on stories of how Census data has made a difference at the local level.

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