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Certificate in Population Studies - Apply

Use this form to apply for the Demography / Population Studies Certificate Program. A program faculty member will get in touch with you.

Your course of study for the Demography Certificate will include SOCY611, Demographic Methods, plus one substantive survey course on Population Issues (either SOCY 630 or ECON 772). You are required to take two further elective courses to fill out your program for the certificate (at least one of these courses must be offered by a department outside of the student’s home department.). Note: SOCY 709D will be accepted as a substitute for SOCY 611, only if SOCY 611 was not offered over full period while a student and before candidacy. HLSA 721 accepted as substitute for SOCY 630 if SOCY 630 was not offered before candidacy.

Please indicate below the courses you plan to take. Open list of courses in a separate window.
Primary requirement   SOCY 611 is required.

Secondary requirement   Choose one of the courses listed below.

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