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Guidelines for Zoom Seminars

Overview of Zoom Process and Instructions

Seminar Instructions:  A week or two preceding each seminar we will provide the registration link for the upcoming seminar.  Participants will be asked to register in advance. Register as early or as late as you wish; upon registration a confirmation email will be sent automatically to provide the link to join the meeting. Jennifer will send a reminder confirmation to everyone who has registered, the day of the event. You will also be able to add the invitation to your calendar through the registration confirmation email. If you plan to call in by phone rather than through your computer, please email Jennifer in advance so that she can identify your number. Unrecognized phone numbers will otherwise be blocked from joining.

Please review below considerations on Zoom format, with the objective of making the online experience as positive as possible:

1) All microphones should remain muted unless actively asking a question.

2) Video – We believe the meeting will benefit from the group being able to see each other to foster collaboration. We do suggest that movement in the background should be held to a minimum, to avoid distracting the speaker and all in gallery view. If this is not possible, please turn off your video.

3) Questions and Comments for the speaker –To facilitate a smooth process, we ask that questions for the speaker be handled in the following ways:
· First, please limit questions for the speaker during the presentation to clarifying questions only and reserve longer questions to the Q&A period during the last 15 minutes.
· Please use the tool bar at the bottom of the screen, within the “participants” icon, to “Raise your hand” and the moderator will call on you at which point you should unmute yourself to ask the question. For short, clarifying questions during the presentation, you may unmute yourself to ask the speaker directly.
· The “Chat feature” in the tool bar on the bottom of your screen may also be used to display questions and the moderator will integrate the questions in Chat into the Q&A period along with the verbal questions, time permitting.

4) Process or equipment question – if you are experiencing a technical problem please use the “Chat feature” to write your question privately to the Co-hosts.  Co-host panel includes, Jennifer Doiron, William Fennie, and Susan Parker.

Any questions prior to the seminar, please contact Jennifer Doiron, or for assistance.