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Kearney featured on PBS Newshour

Biden support for families encouraged

Faculty Associate Melissa Kearney was interviewed for the PBS Newshour on the subject of plans by the Biden administration to support low-income families. The policy includes new subsidies to cover childcare for lower- and middle-income parents for children five and younger, universal pre-K education, regardless of income, and a permanent expansion of larger child tax credits.

"[T]his [policy] is a real recognition that we need to do more to invest in children, to make sure all children get to school with the ability to succeed. The price tag on these proposals, to my mind, are just not that great, when held up against the benefits that evidence suggests we will see from them," Prof. Kearney told Amna Nawaz.

See the complete PBS Newshour segment


"Why this economist is 'giddy' about Biden's plans to invest in low-income families", PBS Newshour, April 28, 2021, Kearney