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Barbarin wins Robert Wood Johnson Foundation grant

Racial Disparities in School Discipline team will examine longitudinal and other data

Distinguished Professor Oscar A. Barbarin has been awarded a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to examine racially disparate uses of school suspensions and expulsion. Dr. Barabarin and his research team will analyze longitudinal state and school-district-level data to document the extent of these disparities and identify policies and alternative practices that have successfully mitigated disparities and reduced the use of exclusionary discipline.

“This is a critical social-policy issue that is a precursor to so many problems facing our nation such as academic achievement gaps, mass incarceration, and economic inequality,” said Dr. Barbarin. “We will  generate empirical evidence that we hope will  guide us toward more effective  policies and identify efforts some school districts have employed to reduce racial disparities and implement alternatives to severe disciplining particularly of African American & LatinX boys.”