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Haltiwanger job data support CNBC story

Millennials and Gen Z workers are changing positions a bit more frequently

According to a CNBC report by Samantha Subin, one in four workers plan to switch jobs this year, an increased pace compared to last year, but still not equal to the Boomer generation rate. Of the one in five workers who switched jobs last year, 33% identified as Gen Z and 25% as millennial, according to a new study from IBM’s Institute for Business Value, she wrote.

Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics suggests that individuals born between 1957 and 1964 held 12.3 jobs on average, nearly half of which were held when they were between 18 and 24. Job hopping has also been on a decline since 2000, according to data from Steven J. Davis of the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business and MPRC Faculty Associate John Haltiwanger.

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"Millennials, Gen Z are job-hopping, but contrary to popular belief, maybe not enough", CNBC, John Haltiwanger, February 28, 2021