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Kearney cited in analysis of child poverty crisis

Support for families makes economic as well as social sense

An article by Catarina Saraiva and Laura Davison in Bloomberg reports on increasing support for aid to families during the pandemic. "More than 8 million Americans -- including many children -- fell into poverty during the second half of last year, exacerbating the racial and income inequalities that are holding back the U.S. economy," they write.

Faculty Associate Melissa Kearney told the authors, “The fact that we have millions of children every year languishing in poverty is holding us back as a nation. There is such a strong economic and social argument to be made for spending more money fighting child poverty that it’s truly baffling that we don’t make that a priority.”

See the complete article in Bloomberg


"U.S. Child-Poverty Crisis Spurs Stepped-Up Efforts in Congress", Bloomberg, Melissa Kearney, February 9, 2021