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Kearney edits Future of Children volume

How Cultural Factors Shape Economic Outcomes

Melissa Kearney, with colleague Ron Hopkins, edited the Spring 2020 issue of Future of Children, "How Cultural Factors Shape Economic Outcomes," published by Brookings and Princeton. It features eight chapters on a range of topics related to the general idea of how cultural factors shape children’s economic outcomes and economic disparities in the U.S.

Introducing a late-July webinar focused on the work Kearney noted that "once we start talking about cultural factors, things quickly get complicated and complex, and the word “culture” sounds personal and like it’s laden with value judgement. So that is what we’re not trying to be about . . . . What we’re trying to be about in this journal is the rigorous social science evidence that says that a lot of factors that most people would think of as cultural - things like parenting, families, peer influences, media influences - these things are really instrumental to kids’ outcomes."

See the complete volume on the Future of Children website