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Washington Post policing story cites Joseph Richardson

Police 'jump outs' target mostly Black youth

In an article reporting on police activity in the Washington DC metro area Robert McCartney writes:

"Cases of use of force by District police grew by 83 percent from 2015 to 2018, with 90 percent involving black people, according to the most recent available report by the Office of Police Complaints. Police Chief Peter Newsham has said the department’s use of force is 'judicious.' "

He reports that Black youths in certain low-income neighborhoods had become targets of police “jump-outs,” citing research by Faculty Associate Joseph P. Richardson Jr. "In these cases, officers demand that youths line up to be searched for guns, drugs or other contraband, or to be identified as the subject of an arrest warrant, McCartney writes.

Dr. Richardson commented that the activity "has become so normalized that when they do jump out, guys are already starting to pull their shirts up” to demonstrate that they have no weapons.

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