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Rashawn Ray comments on police shooting in AZCentral

Phoenix Police Department has the most police shooting cases in 2018

Uriel J. Garcia, and Bree Burkitt, reporters for the Arizona Republic newspaper AZCentral, recorded the police shooting case on Jan. 11th, 2019, when David Norman, an Arizona police officer, shot 19-year-old Jacob Harris to death. Garcia and Burkitt noted that though most officers never fired their weapons through out their entire careers, police shooting cases have seen the highest number in the Phoenix Police Department in 2018 across the nation.

Faculty Associate Rashawn Ray commented, "it is a troubling pattern to hear that more officers in Arizona are using force." Local activists and City Councilmen are calling for more transparency on the officers' use-of-force history to help track and identify officers involved in shootings or accused of excessive force.

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