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Liana Sayer featured in PBS Newshour post

Report details how time use researchers manages her schedule

Faculty Associate and Maryland Time Use Lab Director Liana Sayer is profiled in a PBS Newshour blog post.

Newshour reporter Laura Santhanam wrote, "As a researcher, being able to focus on a single question at a time is one reason why [Sayer] entered academia in the first place, she says.

"Sayer is no multi-tasker. When she talks to you, she stops what she is doing, looks you in the eye and listens to you. It’s actually refreshing. She does not attempt to fumble through conversation while constantly pecking away a response email or reviewing a grant proposal.

"She says most of the research on multitasking 'shows that people think they’re managing that well, but they’re really not. Neither task is getting done that well because most of these things require your actual attention'."

Faculty Associate John Robinson is also cited in the article : The "blur of activity" many people are involved in all day long is "symptomatic . . . of 'hurry sickness'" - a term coined by Robinson to describe a life out of control with too many things to do.

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