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Kris Marsh contributes to PBS Newshour story on Baltimore

Invest in those already living in the city, she says

Faculty Associate Kris Marsh contributed to a PBS Newshour story compiled by Paul Solman on the economic challenges involved in recovering from the rioting that took place in Baltimore during the Spring of 2015.

Pointing out the damage caused by the uprising, including near-100-percent drops in income for some leisure and hospitality enterprises, Solman noted that housing prices, already comparatively low, could drop even further, ultimately making the city more attractive. Dr. Marsh responded that that was a problem.

"Because, in some ways, this is prime property. So you may have the big developers want to come in and push out brown and black folks and gentrify it and now make it what we see in D.C., this new area for young white folks with 2.5 kids and a Prius. . . . How about trying to invest in the people that are already here?

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