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Yan Li Publications

This folder holds the following references to publications, sorted by year and author.

There are 15 references in this bibliography folder.

Lin, D, Wang, L, and Li, Y (2016).
Haplotype-based statistical inference for population-based case control and cross-sectional studies with complex sample designs
Journal of Survey Statistics and Methodology.

Li, Y, Graubard, B, Huang, P, and Gastwirth J (2015).
Extension of the Peter-Belson method to estimate health disparities among multiple groups using logistic regression with survey data
Statistics in Medicine, 34:595-612.

Li, Y, Panagiotou, O, Black, A, Liao, D, and Wacholder, S (2015).
Multivariate piecewise exponential survival modeling

Li, Y, Safaeian, M, Robbins, H, and Graubard, B (2015).
Logistic Analysis of Epidemiologic and Survey Studies with Augmentation Sampling Involving Re-stratification and Population Expansion
Biostatistics, 16(169-178).

Hsing, A, Yeboah, E, Biritwum, R, Tettey, Y, De Marzo, A, Adjei, A, Netto, G, Yu, K, Li, Y, Chokkalingam, A, Chu, L, Chia, D, Partin, A, Tompson, I, Quraishi, S, Niwa, S, Tarone, R, and Hoover, R (2014).
High prevalence of screen-detected prostate cancer in West Africans: implications for racial disparity of prostate cancer
Journal of Urology, 192:730-35.

Lang Kuhs, K, Porras, C, Schiller, J, Rodriguez, C, Schiffman, M, Gonzalez, P, Wacholder, S, Ghosh, A, Li, Y, and Lowy, D (2014).
Differing human papillomavirus serological and DNA criteria may affect vaccine efficacy estimates
American Journal of Epidemiology, 180:599-607.

She, D, Zhang, H, Li, Y, Graubard, I, and Li, Z (2014).
Family Based Association Study with Complex Survey Data
Statistics and Its Interface, 7:167-76.

Shiels, M, Katki, H, Freedman, N, Purdue, M, Wentzensen, N, Trabert, B, Kitahara, C, Furr, M, Li, Y, Kemp, T, Goedert, J, Chang, C, Engels, E, Caporaso, N, Pinto, L, Hildesheim, A, and Chaturvedi, A (2014).
Cigarette Smoking and Variations in Systemic Immune and Inflammation Markers
J. Natl. Cancer Inst., 106:dju294.

Li, Y (2013).
Testing Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium using family data from national household genetic surveys
BMC Genetics, 14:14.

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Risk factors for Inflammatory breast cancer and other Invasive breast cancers
J. Natl. Cancer Inst., 105:1373-84.

Li, Y and Graubard, B (2012).
Profile semi-parametric maximum likelihood estimation of gene environment interaction using population-based case-control study with probability sampling
Biostatistics, 13:711-23.

Han, C and Li, Y (2011).
Regression analysis with block missing values and variables selection
Pakistan Journal of Statistics and Operation Research, 7:2.

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Testing for Hardy Weinberg equilibrium in national household surveys that collect family-based genetic data
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Inference in semi-parametric regression models under partial questionnaire design and non-monotone missing data
Journal of the American Statistical Association, Theory and Methods, 105:787-797.

Li, Y, Graubard, B, and DiGaetano, R (2010).
Weighting methods for population-based case-control study
Journal of Royal Statistical Society C, 60:165-185.

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