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Wade Jacobsen Publications

This folder holds the following references to publications, sorted by year and author.

There are 7 references in this bibliography folder.

Jacobsen, WC (2020).
School punishment and interpersonal exclusion: Rejection, withdrawal, and separation from friends
Criminology, 58(1):35-69.

Widdowson, AO, Jacobsen, WC, Siennick, SE, and Warren, PY (2020).
Together despite the odds: Explaining racial and ethnic heterogeneity in union dissolution after incarceration
Criminology, 58(1):129-155.

Jacobsen, W (2019).
The Intergenerational Stability of Punishment: Paternal Incarceration and Suspension or Expulsion in Elementary School
Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency, 56(5):651-693.

Jacobsen, W, Garrett, P, and Ramirez, N (2019).
Punishment and Inequality at an Early Age: Exclusionary Discipline in Elementary School
Social Forces, 97(3):973-98.

Haskins, A and Jacobsen, W (2017).
Schools as Surveilling Institutions? Paternal Incarceration, System Avoidance and Parental Involvement in Schooling
American Sociological Review, 82(4):657-684.

Donnelly, L, McLanahan, S, Brooks-Gunn, J, Garfinkel, I, Wagner, B, Jacobsen, W, and et al (2016).
Cohesive Neighborhoods Where Social Expectations Are Shared May Have Positive Impact on Adolescent Mental Health
Health Affairs, 35(11):2083-91.

Forste, R and Jacobsen, W (2013).
Divorced Mothers and Higher Education in Utah
Marriage & Family Review, 49(4):330-348.

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