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Sebastian Galiani Publications

This folder holds the following references to publications, sorted by year and author.

There are 42 references in this bibliography folder.

Galiani, S, Berlinski, S, and McEwan, P (2011).
Preschool and maternal labor supply: Evidence from a regression discontinuity design
Economic Development and Cultural Change, 59:313-334.

Galiani, S, Rossi, M, and Schargrodsky, E (2011).
Conscription and Crime: Evidence from the Argentine Draft Lottery
American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, 3:119-136.

Galiani, S (2010).
In: Latin American Development Priorities: Costs and Benefits, ed. by B. Lomborg. Cambridge University Press, chap. , pp. .

Galiani, S and Porto, G (2010).
Trends in tariff reforms and in the structure of wages
Review of Economics and Statistics, 92:482-494.

Galiani, S and Schargrodsky, E (2010).
Property rights for the poor: Effects of land titling
Journal of Public Economics, 94:700-729.

Galiani, S, Cruces, G, and Sduka, S (2010).
Payroll taxation, wages and employment: New quasi-experimental evidence
Labour Economics, 17:743-749.

Galiani, S, Di Tella, R, and Schargrodsky, E (2010).
Crime distribution and victim behavior during a crime wave
In: The Economics of Crime: Lessons from Latin America, ed. by R. Di Tella, S. Edwards, and E. Schargrodsky. National Bureau of Economic Research, chap. , pp. .

Galiani, S, Francescheli, I, and Gulmez, E (2010).
Performance Pay and Productivity of Low- and High-Ability Workers
Labour Economics, 17:317-322.

Galiani, S (2009).
Mercado de trabajo y reforma laboral en America Latina
In: Reformas para la cohesion social en America Latina, ed. by A Barcena and N Serra. CEPAL, chap. , pp. .

Galiani, S, Berlinski, S, and Gertler, P (2009).
The effort of pre-primary education on primary school performance
Journal of Public Economics, 93:219-234.

Galiani, S, Cattaneo, M, Gertler, P, Martinez, S, and Titiunik, R (2009).
Housing, Health, and Happiness
American Economic Journal: Economic Policy(2009):75-105.

Galiani, S, Gonzalez-Rozada, M, and Schargrodsky, E (2009).
Water in shantytowns: Health and savings
Economica, 76:607-622.

Galiani, S and Sturzenegger, F (2008).
The impact of privatization on the earnings of restructured workers: Evidence from the oil industry
Journal of Labor Research, 29:162-176.

Galiani, S, Banerjee, A, Levinsohn, J, McLaren, Z, and Woolard, I (2008).
Why has unemployment risen in the new South Africa?
Economics of Transition, 16:715-740.

Galiani, S, Berlinski, S, and Manacorda, M (2008).
Giving children a better start: Preschool attendance and school-age profiles
Journal of Public Economics, 92:1416-1440.

Galiani, S, Heymann, D, Dabus, C, and Thorne, F (2008).
On the emergence of public education in land rich economies
Journal of Development Economics, 86:434-446.

Gettler, P and Schargrodsky, E (2008).
School Decentralization: Helping the good get better, but leaving the poor behind
Journal of Public Economics, 92:2106-2120.

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