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Sebastian Galiani Publications

This folder holds the following references to publications, sorted by year and author.

There are 42 references in this bibliography folder.

Galliani, S, Torre, I, and Torrens, G (In press).
International organizations and the political economy of reforms
Journal of International Economics, 121:1-16.

Galiani, S and Perez-Truglia, R (Forthcoming).
School management in the developing world
In: Education in Developing Countries, ed. by Paul Glewwe. University of Chicago Press, chap. , pp. .

Bando, R, Galiani, S, and Gertler, P (2019).
The Effects of Non-Contributory Pensions on Material and Subjective Well Being
Miscellaneous publication, NBER Working Paper.

Bao, X, Galiani, S, Li, K, and Long, C (2019).
NBER Working Paper(26492).

Galiani, S and Galvez, R (2019).
An empirical approach based on quantile regression for estimating citation ageing
Journal of Informetrics, 13(2):738-750.

Anauati, M, Galiani, S, and Gálvez, R (2018).
Differences in citation patterns across journal tiers in economics
CEPR Policy Portal.

Galiani, S and Somaini, P (2018).
Path-dependent import-substitution policies: the case of Argentina in the twentieth century
Latin American Economic Review, 27(5):2-53.

Galiani, S, Brambilla, I, and Porto, G (2018).
Argentine trade policies in the XX century: 60 years of solitude
In: Argentine Exceptionalism, ed. by Edward Glaeser and Rafael Di Tella. Oxford University Press, chap. , pp. .

Galiani, S and Quistorff, B (2017).
The synth runner package: Utilities to automate synthetic control estimation using synth
Stata Journal, 17(4):834-849.

Galiani, S and Weinschelbaum, F (2017).
Social status and corruption
Nordic Journal of Political Economy, 38(1).

Galiani, S, Gertler, P, Martinez, S, Cooper, R, Ross, A, and Undurraga, R (2017).
Shelter from the storm: Upgrading housing infrastructure in Latin America Slums
Journal of Urban Economics, 98:187-213.

Galiani, S, Knack, S, and Zou, B (2017).
The effect of aid on growth: Evidence from a quasiexperiment
Journal of Economic Growth, 22(1):1-33.

Galiani, S, Gertler, P, Ajzenman, N, and Orsola, A (2016).
Promoting handwashing behavior: The effect of a large-scale community and school level interventions
Health Economics, 25:1545-1599.

Galiani, S, Gertler, P, and Brando, R (2016).
Non-contributory pensions
Labour Economics, 38:35-48.

Galiani, S, Torre, I, and Torrens, G (2016).
Fiscal federalism and legislative malapportionment: Causal evidence from independent but related natural experiments
Economics and Politics, 28:133-159.

Galiani, S, Ajzenman, N, and Seira, E (2015).
On the distributive costs of drug related homicides
Journal of Law and Economics, 58:779-803.

Galiani, S, Anauati, M, and Weinschelbaum, F (2015).
The rise of noncommunicable diseases in Latin America and the Caribbean: Health in Latin America: Challenges for public health policies
Latin American Economic Review, 24:7-63.

Galiani, S, Murphy, A, and Pantano, J (2015).
Estimating neighborhood choice models: Lessons from a housing assistance experiment
American Economic Review, 105:3385-3415.

Galiani, S, Arnold, B, Briceno, B, Colford, J, Gertler, P, Hubbar, A, and Pavani, R (2013).
Optimal recall period for caregiver-reported illness in studies that estimate treatment effects: a multicountry study
American Journal of Epidemiology, 177:361-370.

Galiani, S, Schofield, N, and Torrens, G (2013).
Factor endowments, democracy and trade policy convergence
Journal of Public Economic Theory, 16(1):119-156.

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Land property rights and resource allocation
Journal of Law and Economics, 54:329-345.

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Modeling informality formally: Households and firms
Economic Inquiry, 50:821-838.

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Investment and expropriation under oligarchy and democracy
Economics and Politics, 24:24-46.

Galiani, S, Di Tella, R, and Schargrodsky, E (2012).
Reality versus propaganda in the formation of beliefs about water privatization
Journal of Public Economics, 96:553-567.

Galiani, S and Kim, S (2011).
Political centralization and urban primacy: Evidence from national and provincial capitals in the Americas
In: Understanding Long-Run Economic Growth: Geography, Institutions and the Knowledge Economy, ed. by D. Costa and N. Lamoreaux. National Bureau of Economic Research, chap. , pp. .

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