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Erich Battistin, Michele De Nadai, and Nandini Krishnan (2020)

The Insights and Illusions of Consumption Measurements

IZA Institute of Labor Economics(13222).

While household well-being derives from long-term average rates of consumption, welfare comparisons typically rely on shorter-duration survey measurements. We develop a new strategy to identify the distribution of these long-term rates by leveraging a large-scale randomization in Iraq that elicited repeated short-duration measurements from diaries and recall questions. Identification stems from diary-recall differences in reports from the same household, does not require reports to be error-free, and hinges on a research design with broad replicability. Our strategy delivers practical and costeffective suggestions for designing survey modules to yield the closest measurements of consumption well-being. In addition, we find little empirical support for the claim that acquisition diaries yield the most accurate measurement of poverty and inequality and offer new insights to interpret and reconcile diary-recall differences in household surveys.

Housing, Social and Economic Inequality, Survey Data, Survey, Economics, Battistin
measurement of inequality and poverty, household surveys, modes of data collection
First available online: May 2020

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