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Bradley Boekeloo Publications

This folder holds the following references to publications, sorted by year and author.

There are 14 references in this bibliography folder.

Salerno, J, Turpin, R, Howard, D, Dyer, T, Aparicio, E, and Boekeloo, B (In press).
Health Care Experiences of Black Transgender Women and Men Who Have Sex With Men
Journal of the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care:1055-3290.

Turpin, R, Slopen, N, Boekeloo, B, Dallal, C, Chen, S, and Dyer, T (2020).
Testing a Syndemic Index of Psychosocial and Structural Factors associated with HIV Testing among Black Men
Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved, 31(1):455-470.

Bellows, D, Boekeloo, B, and Howard, D (2018).
Cross-jurisdiction collaboration among HIV Prevention Organizations
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Boekeloo, B, Boyle, M, Quinton, S, and Rashaw, B (2018).
College student sexual risks associated with first-time sex with someone after sexting them
Health Behavior and Policy Review, 5(2):3-11.

Turpin, R, Slopen, N, Chen, S, Boekeloo, B, and et al (2018).
Latent class analysis of a syndemic of risk factors on HIV testing among black men
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Psychological Violence and Sexual Risk Behavior Among Predominantly African American Women
Journal of Interpersonal Violence.

Geiger, T, Wang, M, Charles, A, Randolph, S, and Boekeloo B (2017).
HIV Serostatus Disclosure and Engagement in Medical Care Among Predominantly Low Income but Insured African American Adults with HIV
AIDS and Behavior, 21(1):163-173.

Boekeloo, B, Todaro-Brooks, A, and Wang, M (2016).
Exposures Associated With Minority High Schoolers’ Predisposition for Health Science
American Journal of Health Behavior, 41(2):104–113.

Iles, I, Boekeloo B, and Quinton, S (2016).
The Impact of Spirituality and Religiosity on Unprotected Sex for Adult Women
American Journal of Health Behavior, 40(2):240-247.

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Exploring use of relationship management theory for cross‐border relationships to build capacity in HIV prevention
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Bellows, D, Howard, D, Boekeloo, B, and Randolph, S (2015).
Investigating community concerns regarding HIV prevention organizations' expertise in serving HIV-vulnerable populations.
Progress in community health partnerships: research, education, and action, 9(3):315-26.

Boekeloo, B, Geiger, T, Wang, M, Ishman, N, and et al (2015).
Evaluation of a socio-cultural intervention to reduce unprotected sex for HIV among African American/Black women.
AIDS and Behavior, 19(10):1752-62.

Boekeloo, B, Jones, C, Bhagat, K, and et al (2015).
The role of intrinsic motivation in the pursuit of health science-related careers among youth from underrepresented low socioeconomic populations.
Journal of Urban Health, 92(5):980-94.

Boekeloo, B, Randolph, S, Timmons-Brown, S, and Wang, M (2014).
Perceptions of high-achieving African American/Black tenth graders from a low socioeconomic community regarding health scientists and desired careers.
Journal of Allied Health, 43(3):133-139.

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