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Caryn Bell Publications

This folder holds the following references to publications, sorted by year and author.

There are 21 references in this bibliography folder.

Bell, CN and Owens-Young, JL (In press).
Self-Rated Health and Structural Racism Indicated by County-Level Racial Inequalities in Socioeconomic Status: The Role of Urban-Rural Classification
Journal of Urban Health:1-10.

Bell, CN, Sacks, TK, Thomas Tobin, CS, and Thorpe Jr., RJ (In press).
Racial non-equivalence of Socioeconomic Status and Health among African Americans and Whites
Population Health.

Gabriel, AC, Bell, CN, Bowie, JV, LaVeist, TA, and Thorpe Jr., RJ (In press).
The Role of Social Support in Moderating the Relationship between Race and Hypertension in a Low-Income, Urban, Racially Integrated Community
Journal of Urban Health.

Bell, CN, Sacks, TK, Thomas Tobin, CS, and Thorpe, Jr., RJ (2020).
Racial Non-equivalence of Socioeconomic Status and Self-rated Health among African Americans and Whites
SSM Population Health, 10.

Knott, CL, Ghosh, D, Williams, BR, Park, C, Schulz, E, Williams, RM, He, X, Stewart, K, Bell, C, and Clark, EM (2020).
Do neighborhood characteristics contribute beyond individual demographics to cancer control behaviors among African American adults?
Cancer Epidemiology, 64.

Bell, C and Holder, M (2019).
The Interrelationship between Race, Social Norms, and Dietary Behaviors among College-attending Women
American Journal of Health Behavior, 43(1):23-36.

Bell, C and Thorpe, R (2019).
Income and Marital Status Interact on Obesity Among Black and White Men
American Journal of Men’s Health, 13(1):1-9.

Bell, C, Kerr, J, and Young, J (2019).
Associations between Obesity, Obesogenic Environments, and Structural Racism Vary by County-Level Racial Composition
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 16(5):861.

Bell, C, Walton, Q, and Thomas, C (2019).
Race and income moderate the association between depressive symptoms and obesity
Preventive Medicine, 119:1-6.

Bell, C, Thorpe, R, and LaVeist, T (2018).
The Role of Social Context in Racial Disparities in Self-Rated Health
Journal of Urban Health, 95(1):13–20.

Bell, C, Thorpe, R, Bowie, J, and LaVeist, T (2018).
Race disparities in cardiovascular disease risk factors within socioeconomic status strata
Annals of Epidemiology, 28(3):147-152.

Bell, C, Bowie, J, and Thorpe, Jr. R (2017).
Race and “Hotspots” of Preventable Hospitalizations
Journal of Health Disparities Research and Practice, 10(3).

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A spatial analysis of race, local health-promoting resources and preventable hospitalizations
Preventive Medicine, 105:149-155.

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Religious Coping and Types and Sources of Information Used in Making Prostate Cancer Treatment Decisions.
American Journal of Men’s Health, 11(4):1237-1246.

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Differences in Obesity Among Men of Diverse Racial and Ethnic Background
American Journal of Men’s Health, 11(4):984-989.

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The Role of Marital Status in Physical Activity Among African American and White Men
American Journal of Men’s Health, 10(6):526-532.

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Accelerated Health Declines among African Americans in the USA
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Disentangling race and social context in understanding disparities in chronic conditions among men
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Wilson-Frederick, S, Thorpe, Jr., R, and Bell, C (2014).
Examination of race disparities in physical inactivity among adults of similar social context
Ethnicity & Disease, 24(3):363-369.

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