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Andrés Villarreal Publications

This folder holds the following references to publications, sorted by year and author.

There are 20 references in this bibliography folder.

Villarreal, A and Bailey, S (2019).
The Endogeneity of Race: Black Racial Identification and Men’s Earnings in Mexico
Social Forces, soz096.

Villarreal, A (2016).
The Education-Occupation Mismatch of International and Internal Migrants in Mexico, 2005-2012
Demography, 53(3):865-883.

Torche, F and Villarreal, A (2014).
Prenatal Exposure to Violence and Birth Weight in Mexico: Selectivity, Exposure, and Behavioral Responses
American Sociological Review, 79(5):966-992.

Villarreal, A (2014).
Explaining the Decline in Mexico-U.S. Migration: The Effect of the Great Recession.
Demography, 51:2203-2228.

Villarreal, A (2014).
Ethnic Identification and its Consequences for Measuring Inequality in Mexico
American Sociological Review, 79(4):775-806.

Villarreal, A and Blanchard, S (2013).
How Job Characteristics Affect International Migration: The Role of Informality in Mexico
Demography, 50:751-775.

Villarreal, A (2012).
Reply: Flawed Statistical Reasoning and Misconceptions about Race and Ethnicity
American Sociological Review, 77:495-502.

Villarreal, A and Hamilton, ER (2012).
Rush to the Border? Market Liberalization and Urban- Rural-Origin Internal Migration in Mexico
Social Science Research, 41:1275-1291.

Hamilton, ER and Villarreal, A (2011).
Development and the Urban and Rural Geography of Mexican Emigration to the United States
Social Forces, 90:661-683.

Villarreal, A and Sakamoto, A (2011).
Bringing the Firms into Globalization Research: The Effects of Foreign Investment and Exports on Wages in Mexican Manufacturing Firms
Social Science Research, 40:885-901.

Villarreal, A (2010).
Stratification by Skin Color in Contemporary Mexico
American Sociological Review, 75:652-678.

Hamilton, ER, Villarreal, A, and Hummer, RA (2009).
Mother's, Household, and Community US Migration Experience and Infant Mortality in Rural and Urban Mexico
Population Research and Policy Review, 28:123-142.

Villarreal, A and Hamilton, ER (2009).
Residential Segregation in the Mexico City Metropolitan Area, 1990-2000
In: Urban Segregation and Governance in the Americans, ed. by Bryan R. Roberts & Robert H. Wilson, pp. 73-95, Palgrave-Macmillan, New York.

Villarreal, A and Shin, H (2008).
Unraveling the Economic Paradox of Female-headed Households in Mexico: The Role of Family Networks
The Sociological Quarterly, 49:565-595.

Villarreal, A (2007).
Women's Employment Status, Coercive Control and Intimate Partner Violence in Mexico
Journal of Marriage and Family, 69:418-434.

Villarreal, A and Yu, W (2007).
Economic Globalization and Women's Employment: The Case of Manufacturing in Mexico
American Sociological Review, 72:365-389.

Villarreal, A and Silva, BF (2006).
Social Cohesion: Criminal Victimization and Perceived Risk of Crime in Brazilian Neighborhoods
Social Forces, 84:1725-1753.

Villarreal, A (2004).
The Social Ecology of Rural Violence: Land Scarcity, the Organization of Agricultural Production and the Presence of the State
American Journal of Sociology, 110:313-348.

Villarreal, A (2002).
Political Competition and Violence in Mexico: Hierarchical Social Control in Local Patronage Structures
American Sociological Review, 67:477-498.

Villarreal, A (1999).
Public Opinion of the Economy and the President Among Mexico City Residents: The Salinas Sexenio
Latin American Research Review, 34:132-151.

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