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Life-Cycle Dynamics in GeoGraph Agent-Based Laboratories

Catherine Dibble, Geography

Support for research and proposal development using the newly developed life-cycle modeling capabilities of the Geography computational laboratory to model the dynamics of measles outbreaks among linked regions that have different birth rates, and to develop a prototype model of the spread and effects of HIV/AIDS in Africa. The new life-cycle capabilities will be used to produce original research results related to measles dynamics, and to develop a simple prototype to enhance our competitiveness for a collaborative NIH proposal for a demographically explicit model of HIV/AIDS infections in Southern Africa. This proposal builds on a foundation of the PI’s agent-based and spatially explicit GeoGraph Computational Laboratories models, benefiting especially from our fully implemented model of infectious disease dynamics among spatially mobile heterogeneous agents. This project will solidify ties with the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health and with the Research Triangle Institute, and will enhance our competitiveness for at least one collaborative NIH proposal related to demographic and epidemiological modeling, in response to NIHPA-03-027 “Social and Structural Impact of HIV/AIDS.”