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Tips for Poster Presenters

sample posterYour PAA poster will be mounted on a corkboard with a display area of 48"h x 96"w (4x8 feet).

MPRC will support reasonable costs associated with poster production. For information and instructions, contact Please see note at bottom about poster expense.

See the PAA guidelines for posters 

Power Point Template with MPRC Logo

Please incorporate the MPRC logo on your poster

See the how-to for creating a full-sized poster from PowerPoint original slides (PDF)

See a listing of campus print facilities equipped to create presentation posters

Alternative print-on-fabric poster

Note: From TIPS for PAA Travelers - 

Poster Expense - Posters will not be processed as a reimbursable expense.  Please either use campus printing, to be billed direct to MPRC, or you must set an appointment with William Fennie in MPRC to place the order through him for payment via an MPRC P-Card if you prefer to use an outside service.  Note that the expense will still count towards your total allowable travel expense.