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Call for Papers

Submission Deadline : January 15, 2011

Time is arguably the most valuable resource available to the human population. It is therefore important to understand why individuals allocate their time in the way they do and the consequences of those time use decisions. This conference will give members of the growing U.S. and international time use research communities the opportunity to interact with one another and share ideas. Researchers are invited to submit abstracts for papers that address any question related to the collection or analysis of time use data. The deadline for submission of paper abstracts is January 15, 2011. Authors chosen to present papers will be notified by February 15, 2011.

Abstracts may be submitted by email to :

Travel costs of up to US$1,000 will be covered for one author per paper selected for presentation. Hotel accommodation while attending the conference also will be provided for presenters. In addition to sessions at which speakers will present their findings, a poster session is planned. To the extent that funding permits, travel stipends to offset travel and hotel costs will be offered to poster presenters.

Possible Paper Topics

Papers on any topic related to how individuals use their time are welcome. Some examples:

  • . . . parent time with children
  • . . . balancing work and family
  • . . . time use and well-being
  • . . . time use and health
  • . . . work schedules and their implications
  • . . . cross-country differences in time use
  • . . . effects of policy and environmental factors on time use
  • . . . alternative methods of collecting information about time use
  • . . . methodological issues in the analysis of time use data

While submissions on any time use topic are appropriate, papers that make use of data from the ATUS Eating and Health module or draw on time use data for multiple countries are especially encouraged.

Organizing Committee

Katharine G. Abraham, University of Maryland
Suzanne Bianchi, University of California, Los Angeles
Sarah Flood, University of Minnesota
Daniel Hamermesh, University of Texas and Maastrict University
Karen Hamrick, Economic Research Service, USDA
Sandra Hofferth, University of Maryland and MPRC
Jay Stewart, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

For more information, please contact Sandra Hofferth, 301-405-8501 (tel.).

Download a PDF copy of the Call for Papers.