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Melissa Kearney examines impact of declining marriage rates

Book and opinion piece in the New York Times lay out "elephant in the room" issues of family structure

Faculty Associate Melissa Kearney's new Opinion article in the New York Times emphasizes the need for researchers and policymakers to develop solutions to strengthen families and reverse declining marriage rates in the U.S.

Kearney notes: "We need to work more to understand why so many American parents are raising their children without a second parent in the home, and we must find effective ways to strengthen families in order to increase the share of children raised in healthy, stable two-parent homes. Doing so will improve the well-being of millions of children, help close class gaps and create a stronger society for us all."

Read the New York Times article here.

Read about Kearney's new book, The Two-Parent Privilege: How Americans Stopped Getting Married and Started Falling Behind, here.


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