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Rashawn Ray comments for Time article

Payouts as a measure of value in the context of Derek Chauvin trial

Janelle Ross, in an article for Time magazine, reports on "the value of a Black life in America." Faculty Associate Rashawn Ray clarified the current status of payouts as a way to compensate families.

“Over the last five years, in the top 20 metro areas of the country, over $2 billion has been paid out in civilian payouts,” he said. “These are just the major metro areas. But here’s what we know. We talk about the tip of the iceberg, the George Floyds, the Korryn Gaines and Tamir Rice shooting. . . . But one thing we do know is that of late there have been more payouts in rural and suburban areas.”

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" 'Where's the Glory in Helping Goliath Beat David?' Inside Ben Crump's Quest to Raise the Value of Black Life in America," Time magazine, May 4, 2021, Ray

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